ZOMBIES Jimmynator

Categories: actions
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Zombie here, there are zombies, zombies everywhere. Like this could be simply described today''s game, as it will be again one of the many zombie apocalypse. At present waiting for you a house, lots of barricades, many weapons and what''s worse infinite zombies.

Well, here it is again, something banging on the door, something breaks down barricades, something just got hit a bullet to the head and you''re trying as quickly as possible in the course of action to reload. Exactly, we are talking about efforts to survive this zombie raid. You find ourselves in a barricaded house, I guess it will be your own. First, starting in two rooms and your weapon is weak gun. If you want a better weapon, you can buy it for the money by shooting enemies. If you want to get deeper into the bowels of the house, you need to unlock the door, but it is worth something. On the larger packs you can throw grenades and around the house are placed a few stationary guns. Unfortunately, this is not enough in the later stages and you have to sprint to move from one place to another, giving the game a good dose of planning. Furthermore, besides your weapons can stop the zombies the barricades, but which need repair. The enemies are not too mention, otherwise you will lose quite a surprise; .


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